Thursday, February 14, 2013


My monster No.3 was completed. Now,

it's enough big.

But it's too heavy. Rise up when throttle's position over 3/4. its first flying was very poor...Keep go on in tomorrow.

12/18/2012 the best flight

My monster No.2 finished his life...

I guess the force moment was too short,so it's too difficult to control.

Next monster will make more big.

Today have a bad news, My study visa was refused by china canada embassy. //(ㄒoㄒ)////(ㄒoㄒ)////(ㄒoㄒ)//


Keep testing my monster.

Looks it was better. Don't always rotation.

Try many times to fly, but it's more bad than first flying.(ㄒoㄒ) I don't know where wrong...Don't give up, continue try it.


I make a new MWC used arduino pro mini+mpu6050.

Try a fly my monster. The reactive force still was too strong, it always rotate. Looks i must fix frames.


My monster's first flight.

 MWC2.1 heli-120-ccpm

Always rotation, the tail looks not useful. I guess the propeller's reactive force is too big and tail blade is too small, it's not enough hold orientation. Stabilize is not good too. //(ㄒoㄒ)//

I tried traditional helicopter CCPM system at night.It's too fast roll, can't be control. Crazy more than used MWC. The stabilize is useful but it work was not very good. Keep try turning by MWC, probably it can be stabilized finally.


Turning was too difficult beyond my imagination. CCPM is a very easy to chaos and servos mount was a disaster. I had no time to fly in today.

Old log, 11/2012 to 12/2012

Got new frames. It's better except i had two small mistakes. lucky is the mistakes not enough block this process. Finally I can test flight my monster in tomorrow.

Third drawing fix and send to laser cnc. I got a great gift. The google sketchup is free CAD software. It's a wonderful meaning for me! because I from a country of always used pirate software. Thanks google and dxf_plup-in to help me export DXF, then i can finish this project and don't use pirate software. Hope it can save my soul a little.

The accident always full in the life. I plan use APM to control this monster. APM is a system of very powerful and easy to use, but his helicopter mode(ver. 2.7.3) had a few bug, tail can't control by joystick and can't save the servo position's param. Now MWC give me a big surprise, He can support helicopter mode too. Although MWC haven't too much function like APM, but basic helicopter flying control looks better than APM. It's just guess, need wait real flight testing.

So sad a day。 I got second frames after long time waiting. First cnc operator had mistake, lost some detail, and i had mistake again. So drawing must fix again. Just a good news, the test of electronic part was successful. Four servos use 6v 8a power, BEC and APM use 5v 2a power. They can work together.

Got new servo and send drawing to laser cnc.

I got great confidence from the monster rise up. I decide use better servo. Today, finished fix door and tooth size, re-design servo seat.

got the frames and first build. The doors size all was wrong!!!FML! Need fix it and laser cnc again... lucky have a good thing, thrust was enough, this heavy monster really can be fly. It can rise when throttle position at 55%.

send drawing to laser cnc, use 2mm composite laminate.

finish drawing design.