Monday, February 25, 2013

I'll stop update this blog cause haven't enough time. Then new update at

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Drawing of no.6 was finish


2/1/2013 move log was finish

I known what it can't rise up by a test.

ducted fan max throttle with my frame
Just 332g...

ducted fan max throttle without my frame
1079g! Ok, Air proof of my frame must was too bad!


Bad day again. I try a test flying, but it can't rise up...

It's 683g now, The max thrust of ducted fan is 1.36KG!!! I have on idea... Are they kidding me? Maybe ducted fan was liar...


Little monster begin to make...
Now, 23:00
The frames was finish. Mount electric device tomorrow.


Got the new ducted fan.

Begin smaller monster design...


Today is my birthday, but No.3 isn't a good gift for me.
It's real too heavy...

Next video is dead of No.3, unfortunate my wife forgot press down record button. so just show pictures.  

I will try smaller and lighter model.