Base concept

The air one way in to three way out. Every gas outlet need control flow rate, so 3 point made different force, it can control the flying car's attitude. One outlet of three can be rotating, it can control the flying car's direction.


  • Fit all kind of engine, electric, piston and turbine;
  • Can build it by any size, Two seater or Four seater even more bigger;
  • More safety and hard, because all rotating part inside the frames. It's easy to add armor more than traditional helicopter, probably became a real flying tank in war or counter-terror. Or safely through the many high-rise in down-town;
  • Easy to build. It isn't dependent on any new technology, just let some old technology combine together.
  • The Mechanical complexity was more lower than traditional copter;
  • Efficiency and flying range probably is much lower than traditional helicopter, but i guess too much people had can't stand heavy traffic. So it's fault isn't important.

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