Why i do?

I am a guy live in a country of too much pirate software and copyright consciousness is too bad. I used many pirate software when I was a kid. But I known CC and opensource at now. Many great people make opensource software and hardware or other project without reward. They share knowledge make more big useful help for whole world . I had done some wrong things in past, But now, i hope do some right things. I want share my idea for world.

I want a flying car at now. Fly easier than traditional car and helicopter. I guess the multicopter was enough powerful and stabilize. So the manned multicopter was built and flight success in Germany. But fly time is too short, because it use electric system. The gas engine was old and steadily too. If multicopter + gas engine, we will get a flying car. But gas engine can't fast change throttle like electric motor. So, need fix this multicopter system for gas engine.
If us want built a practical flying car. It must have one or a group gas engine, single throttle control and change speed isn't too fast.

Hope you help me. I am 33 years old, but i still want go to college. I guess the times is robot and Ultralight aircraft(ex: fly-car) in future. So i want to learn robot or aircraft design. But i have no idea for choose school. About location of school , any one of the high level of industrial and talk English countries is OK. My English is very poor now ,but i had work hard and will pass IELTS after few months. If there is a good school in your place or you known some good school, pls tell me(wnqwang@gmail.com), thanks very much.

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